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”The Kingdom Is Yours is a song for everyone who thought God left them when he was needed the most. The opposite is the most true. God shares his hope and kingdom not with the elite, but with the lowly.” (Dee Wilson)

“The Kingdom Is Yours is a song of hope and a reminder that the poor in spirit will inherit the earth. God honors the heart willing to lay its brokenness at his feet, and the soul that responds to violence, abuse and loss with the love of Christ. Society has its own standard of success, but God still honors faithfulness, humility and love when they’re hardest to do.” (Brittney Spencer)

“In a dog-eat-dog world, where only the strongest survive; where your brother may betray you in order to climb the next ring of the ‘corporate ladder,’ where loneliness threatens to be your closest friend, where abuse seems routine, and hope sounds like a fairy tail, Jesus speaks. He says his kingdom is at hand. He invites us in. It’s a place where the poor forever reign, where the pure finally win, where the peacemakers can rest, and where the persecuted rejoice. ’The Kingdom is Yours’ is a song of hope for those living in the tension of these two realities. It’s a reminder of what is to come.” (Micah Massey)

“The Kingdom is Yours is an encouraging reminder from Jesus’ beatitudes that the kingdom of God belongs to the unlikely: the grieving, the vulnerable, the hungry, the persecuted.” (Aaron Keyes)

Blessed are the ones who do not bury
All the broken pieces of their heart
Blessed are the tears of all the weary
Pouring like a sky of falling stars

Blessed are the wounded ones in mourning
Brave enough to show the Lord their scars
Blessed are the hurts that are not hidden
Open to the healing touch of God

The kingdom is yours, the kingdom is yours
Hold on a little more, this is not the end
Hope is in the Lord, keep your eyes on him

Blessed are the ones who walk in kindness
Even in the face of great abuse
Blessed are the deeds that go unnoticed
Serving with unguarded gratitude

Blessed are the ones who fight for justice
Longing for the coming day of peace
Blessed is the soul that thirsts for righteousness
Welcoming the last, the lost, the least

The kingdom is yours, the kingdom is yours
Hold on a little more, this is not the end
Hope is in the Lord, keep your eyes on him

Blessed are the ones who suffer violence
And still have strength to love their enemies
Blessed is the faith of those who persevere
Though they fall, they’ll never know defeat

Written by Terrell Wilson (BMI), Brittney Spencer (BMI), Micah Massey (ASCAP), Aaron Keyes (ASCAP)
© 2017 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), The Wilson Songbook Publishing (BMI), BSpencer Publishing (BMI), Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), 10000 Fathers (ASCAP) (admin by IntegratedRights.com). CCLI 7109354

About The Author


Common Hymnal has been working these past few years to create something special. As today’s generation engages less and less in the ‘overground’ church, we have been investing in the spiritual underground, building out a virtual library to facilitate a vibrant and ongoing exchange of songs, stories and ideas between the various communities in this space. We have treasure-hunted the uttermost extremities of the faith to stock this library with quality content, steering clear of cliches and spiritual fads in an effort to contribute meaningfully to a culture that values thoughtfulness and honesty. A growing realization: you get a much better view of the the future when you spend time at the margins. A growing hope: the transformation that happens when God’s people grab a hold of the future and drag it into the present. In the underground, praise and protest are inextricably intertwined. Spirituality is not escapist or dualist: it is real, integrated, and has a social conscience. Spiritual colonization is taboo. Likewise with this hymnal. We would like to see the seamless worship set replaced by a more democratized ritual that includes more art forms, a broader range of subject matter and a gutsy honesty. A kind way of saying: 'No more cliches! No more karaoke!' We are purposefully not pursuing a footprint in the current CCM/worship sub-culture, but are working, slowly and carefully, to coalesce a new demographic, serious Christ followers who find themselves on the outskirts as a result of not fully connecting with mainstream Christian culture. Therefore, we have been building out a Discord community (as part of our Patreon) to kill several birds with one stone: coalesce the uncoalesced into a new ecosystem; provide opportunity for underground creatives to meet, learn and collaborate; give underground activists backstage access to our content creation and internal communications; and realize some financial support.

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