Red Letter Christians is bringing back in-person “Red Letter Revivals” this year! It’s time for a Christianity that looks like Jesus again. It’s time for gospel preaching and prophetic witness. It’s time to return to the things Jesus said. It’s revival time!

The goal of this series of Red Letter Revivals is to stand in direct contrast to the Christian nationalism we know will be on display during the ongoing election cycle and to demonstrate to the country that there is a growing movement of Christians who want love, peace, justice, and nonviolence to be at the core of our policies on war, immigration, guns, healthcare, racial justice, the death penalty, and more. 

Red Letter Christians will bring together a broad coalition of faith and nonprofit leaders to set the table for collaboration and equip them with the network needed to increase the impact of our collective work, both now and in the future.

With Red Letter Revivals, the Red Letter Christians movement will shape the very culture of Christianity in our country to have Christ’s love at its core. These revivals will serve as mechanisms for movement building, coalescing, partnering with fellow people of faith, faith communities, and co-laboring organizations. 

Can we count on your support to bring this vision to life? Make a gift today to help us revolutionize Christianity in the lead up to the 2024 elections.