taking the words of Jesus seriously

Join The Movement

We invite you to join this movement by pledging to live a lifestyle that follows Christ. It is not easy, but it is who we are called to be as Christians.

After signing the pledge below, you’ll receive periodic updates from our team — including an introductory email with a few resources to support you on your journey as a Red Letter Christian.


I dedicate my life to Jesus, and commit to live as if Jesus meant the things he said in the “red letters” of Scripture. 

I will allow Jesus and his teaching to shape my decisions and priorities. 

I denounce belief-only Christianity and refuse to allow my faith to be a ticket  into heaven and an excuse to ignore the suffering world around me. 

I will seek first the Kingdom of God – on earth as it is in heaven – and live in a way that moves the world toward God’s dream, where the first are last and the last are first,  where the poor are blessed and the peacemakers are the children of God, working  toward a society where all are treated equally and resources shared equitably. 

I recognize that I will fall short in my attempts to follow Jesus, and I trust in God’s  grace and the community to catch me when I do. 

I know that I cannot do this alone, so I commit to share this journey with others who  are walking in the way of Jesus. I will surround myself with people who remind me of  Jesus, help me become more like him, and hold me accountable for my actions and  words. 

I will share Jesus with the world, with my words and with my deeds. Like Jesus, I will  interrupt injustice, and stand up for the life and dignity of all. I will allow my life to  point toward Christ, everywhere I go.