taking the words of Jesus seriously

I don’t know Justice!
And I have not met Peace.

Well, I was told that I met her.
I was told that Peace has been around here,
but they must be confused.

Confused with Silence, perhaps,
In fact – I asked her.
I asked Silence and She said

“Naw young man, Peace don’t live here
And I don’t even look like that queen,
She sings and carries a big sword with a smile so clean.
Her hair is natural and rings like bells
And in heels she a little taller than, Justice

I don’t know Justice!
And I have not met Peace.

And Justice, arms are long and his embrace is strong.
And you can hear every step he takes
No, not every step he ask for
Every step he takes
No, not every step that is given
Every step he takes

She said Royce

Go back and tell them they got me wrong.
I’m silent.

My cousins are dumb,
shut up,
sit still!

Royce, you know them.

I don’t know Justice!
And I have not met Peace.

I’ve been waiting for them to pull up in one accord
And I can’t afford to wait much longer
These arms ain’t much stronger
But they are strong.
Shoot! I’ll pat myself in the back.
I look in the mirror and don’t know how to act, I’m black!
I’m black!
I’m black!
I’m black!

What is that anyway?
But a word full of culture and void of identity
So I have to give love to my enter me

Now, don’t get me wrong –  I haven’t always walked around proud
But even when I didn’t, with my fist up I said it loud.

I’m Black …

I don’t know Justice!
And I have not met Peace.

And I can’t help but wonder how would it feel to say it.
If I could ride with peace and justice in dat accord

I want to know them!
I want to see them
I want to talk with them
I want to kick it with the rest of the folks , like Freedom, Liberty, opportunity
I want to breathe
Not In hell
Not in hell
But inhale – exhale

Now listen, you said it and I’m flatter
You even used the hashtag #BlacklivesMatter

But when Yeshua left the many for the one
I known my Black life mattered before The hashtag became relevant
This skin is heaven sent.

But … I don’t know Justice!
And I have not met Peace.

I wish I could walk away, from the microphone telling you I met them
I give the ear an resolve it wants to hear,
But I can’t

I believe in a redeemer
I believe a The God of creation
And I can’t

Because I haven’t met justice
And I dont know peace

But I’ll tell you this
I’m going to keep looking
I’m going to keep pushing
I’m going to keep shaking
I’m going to keep talking
I’m going to keep yelling
I’m going to keep learning
I’m going to keep voting
I’m going to keep grown
I’m going to keep engaging

Because I’m going to meet them

And when I meet them going to bring them
To my school

To my job
To my house
To my hood
To my friends
To my brothers
To my sisters
To my mothers
To my fathers
To the jail
Inhale – Exhale
Inhale – exhale

I don’t know Justice!
And I have not met Peace.

Written by Royce Lovett (BMI), Kevin Dailey, Ryan James Carr (ASCAP)
© 2020 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Royce Lovett Music (BMI), Common Hymnal Online, Kip Central, Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Ryan James Carr (ASCAP) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com). CCLI 7157120.

About The Author


Common Hymnal has been working these past few years to create something special. As today’s generation engages less and less in the ‘overground’ church, we have been investing in the spiritual underground, building out a virtual library to facilitate a vibrant and ongoing exchange of songs, stories and ideas between the various communities in this space. We have treasure-hunted the uttermost extremities of the faith to stock this library with quality content, steering clear of cliches and spiritual fads in an effort to contribute meaningfully to a culture that values thoughtfulness and honesty. A growing realization: you get a much better view of the the future when you spend time at the margins. A growing hope: the transformation that happens when God’s people grab a hold of the future and drag it into the present. In the underground, praise and protest are inextricably intertwined. Spirituality is not escapist or dualist: it is real, integrated, and has a social conscience. Spiritual colonization is taboo. Likewise with this hymnal. We would like to see the seamless worship set replaced by a more democratized ritual that includes more art forms, a broader range of subject matter and a gutsy honesty. A kind way of saying: 'No more cliches! No more karaoke!' We are purposefully not pursuing a footprint in the current CCM/worship sub-culture, but are working, slowly and carefully, to coalesce a new demographic, serious Christ followers who find themselves on the outskirts as a result of not fully connecting with mainstream Christian culture. Therefore, we have been building out a Discord community (as part of our Patreon) to kill several birds with one stone: coalesce the uncoalesced into a new ecosystem; provide opportunity for underground creatives to meet, learn and collaborate; give underground activists backstage access to our content creation and internal communications; and realize some financial support.

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